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    Saturday, July 27, 2013

    google glasses

    Glasses long touted by the group as the future of mobile technology have made their first major appearance on a small scale.

    The co-founder of Google Glass, Sergey Brin, 39, describes the technical characteristics of the device as the first of a new generation of smart clothing. Project developers and beta tester will receive by the end of the first prototypes nicknamed "Glass Explorers" against the modest sum of $ 1500 (975 €). The first models have already been distributed and the initial feedback seems very positive.

    Google Glass is voice control and display digital information on a small screen in front of the wearer's right eye. According to latest information, the screen is equivalent to viewing a 25-inch located eight meters. A five-megapixel camera of the device can record video in 720p resolution, while its "bone conduction earpiece" works by sensing vibrations on the cheeks of the user from the sounds in the inner ear, which means it is not necessary to wear headphones. Regarding the battery, Google says that it can last a full day under typical use.

    Types of 3D printers

    Three-dimensional printing or 3D printing is a technique for constructing objects originally developed for rapid prototyping. There are several methods such as stereolithography (SLA) and the FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling). 3D printers can produce objects from three-dimensional CAD files, so it is a very accurate reproduction tool that makes objects by stacking layers of material in a chamber construction.
    The first 3D printer models have emerged in 1996 with the 402 Z for rapid prototyping and low cost. Subsequently, the models and the Z406 Z402c introduirent multicolor 3D printing.
    A second generation 3D printer was created in 2003 with the ZPrinter ® 310 which brought a higher level of resolution. Today 3D printers have advanced a lot, they are easy to use and integrates technologies all in one,
    3D printers operate files in standard formats such as. STL. WRL (VRML). PLY, .3 DS and. ZPR. The file is a 3D mesh consisting of a series of triangles oriented in space, which determine a 3D volume. The shapes of these files are made on a computer. These forms CAD files named for Computer-Aided Design can be downloaded from many specialized sites DEFCAD website or platform Thingiverse.

    Another advantage of 3D printers is the ability to build custom objects quickly and at low cost. There are many applications especially in the medical field to build prostheses for example, the dimensions will fit perfectly to the patient.

    Hulk: The reasons for anger

    Popularized in France in the 80s with a TV series where the muscular actor Lou Ferrigno is grimait in a green monster, Hulk uses the popular myths like Frankenstein but not only.

    William Faulkner said: "The amount of loneliness that can endure without dying has limits Yet Hulk's powers are indeed terrifying, just as terrifying as the spleen of his double Dr. Banner And if.. Hulk body is virtually invulnerable, it has not always been green. "
    The fascination is always alert to what Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

    Always a perennial fascination with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In just over 50 years, why he likes green giant we still both in comics, the movies, on TV series or video game? Probably because the Incredible Hulk has become a symbol of the struggle between the justified anger and violence.

    Must albums: Hulk Gary Frank, Dale Keown, Todd McFarlane and Peter David, Planet Hulk, Hulk - Future Imperfect

    Speakers: Daniel Andreyev, journalist and Philip, one of the creators of Arkham shop in Paris

    Facebook is getting a health Stock Exchange

    The Social Network Mark Zuckerberg has made the best Thursday trading session in its history. The stock has surged 29.61% to close at $ 34.36. It is the integration of the pub "newsfeed" subscribers that Facebook has the right numbers.

    There had hitherto disappointing results. Despite a spectacular entrance on the Nasdaq in May 2012, the action of Facebook had since stopped falling. Thursday, she took off and closed at the highest since its first day of trading, leaping 29.61%.

    At the end of trading on Wall Street, the action was trading at $ 34.36. Not since the day of its IPO on May 18, 2012, to find a course of higher end, namely 38.23 dollars. The title had fallen to $ 34.03 the next day and was, until yesterday, had not above 34 dollars. He even dropped by half in September.

    Boosted by smartphones

    If the action of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg had so far not totally seduced, it was because of the smartphone. Or rather the concern of investors on Facebook's ability to "monetize" its billion members.

    How to make effective ad on a mobile app? The screens are smaller and do not display advertising formats designed for traditional computers. But smartphones are increasingly used to refer to Facebook ... 61% of subscribers connect every day.

    The social network has therefore sought a solution since last year, the ads are displayed directly in the "news feed" where its members see the publications of their contacts. The formula works in just over a year, mobile revenues grew from zero to $ 2.6 billion according to RBC bank.

    And soon in the "news wire", the video? Video ads are the subject of speculation for months. They "could be the next to be worth billions of dollars," predicted the bank Jefferies, noting that for major brands in particular, "the massive Facebook audience should be irresistible"

    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    Renewable energy in France

    The Court of Auditors published a report Thursday on the political development of renewable energy in France. The text points out that if the country is ahead of its European neighbors, the aid must be better targeted for real socio-economic benefits.

    On track, but could do better. Here's how briefly summarize the report PUBLISHED Thursday by the Court of Auditors on public policies to support renewable energy (ENR).

    Renewable energy sources are those that produce natural energy generating little or no waste or pollution. According to the Observatory of Renewable Energies, are five in number:

    Solar energy
    Wind energy provided by the wind,
    Hydropower provided by waterfalls or tides,
    Biomass, in conjunction with plant growth
    Geothermal, which uses the natural heat of the earth.
    In its report, the Court stresses that public policies to support renewable energy cost of € 14.3 billion between 2005 and 2011. A very high cost, but that it has made so far, "the socio-economic benefits expected."

    Conclusion: the aid must be better targeted to have a positive impact on employment and the economy in France. The court suggested that financial support be given priority to the most efficient compared to their cost, their share in energy production facilities and their ability to create jobs.

    Unequal aid according to the ENR

    The Court found that the expertise of the state and controls on the use of aid, notably tax, are insufficient. It proposes to "reserve tenders for the most backward sectors in achieving their goals of capacity and facilities that do not have a purchase price determined by order to avoid the effects of windfall. "

    Two energy sources are particularly targeted:

    Photovoltaic solar energy (with solar panels), which received bids in 2013, while this sector is ahead of the target of 5,400 megawatts (MW) installed in 2020.
    In contrast, the onshore wind energy, "about to be competitive" but lags far behind with only 7,500 MW installed 19,000 MW against targets for 2020.
    The France ahead of its European neighbors

    Another lesson of this report: a global perspective, the financial situation of France in supporting REC is sometimes better than its neighbors. The share of renewable energies in overall energy consumption and 13.1%, higher than the European average.

    "The French strategy, which has sometimes been described as too limited especially compared to German and Spanish enthusiasm, it still saving for the moment the funding challenges these countries are facing."

    However, the text notes that France has set an ambitious target compared to other countries of the European Union in 2020, REC is supposed to represent 23% of the gross final consumption of all energy (against 10.3% 2005). A goal that will be difficult to achieve without additional means: the effort required will be much greater between 2012 and 2020 between 2005 and 2011.

    Without a collective and without prior awareness of necessary force, "it is vain to hope that renewables are prominent in the French energy mix," said the Court of Auditors.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    New trucks technologies madness!

    Of course, these are big "junk" huge wheels, oversized bumpers, huge engines.
    As if the truck had not been affected by progress.
    But the trucks are not prehistoric gear: for years, they have become more technical as cars.

    Everything is technology on a modern truck

    Everything! To start the engine: injections, turbos, electronic managements are a sophistication that has nothing to envy the cars.
    And gearboxes: 12 reports - sometimes 16!
    And Volvo, there will be a gearbox with double clutch - new in the truck, and very sophisticated.

    There are also a lot of electronics in trucks

    Of course, this is classic: ABS brakes, helps maintain stability program (ESP).
    But also:
    - Regulator "smart" speed - that fits the distance to the vehicle ahead;
    - Alert the lane;
    - Detector drowsiness.
    And then there is progress that do not exist in cars. As the automatic transmission, proactive!
    Who remembers the relief road - its mounted, its descents.
    This allows to anticipate the shifting - NOT to waste fuel.
    And Volvo: World first!
    These data on the relief road is exchanged between trucks a truck that has already rolled out a route automatically informs others on the road profile;
    and other benefits of this optimization gearshifts.

    Trucks are now "connected"

    Including our maintenance: all usage data is recorded continuously. This, to set very precisely the date of the revisions.
    Even more incredible, Volvo: the possibility for the manufacturer to make - remote - reprogramming of electronic box! Without the truck is brought into garage.
    It has not happened yet, the cars!

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013

    Garmin lot which is a housing of the windscreen a GPS map

    The specialist terminals satellite navigation Garmin offers a head display case that projects information on the windshield of the vehicle. Compatible with both GPS apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones, will be available during the summer.
    The advent of smartphones all equipped with GPS chips, and with them the proliferation of navigation applications assisted direct threat to traditional brands in this sector. One of them, Garmin has chosen to adapt a rather judicious in offering an accessory for driving assistance in the form of a Head-Up Display (head up display, HUD). It is a housing to be placed on the dashboard of a vehicle and which projects on the GPS guidance is bonded to a transparent film windshield or on a reflector mounted on the camera.

    The box connects to Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with both Garmin GPS applications Pay: StreetPilot for iOS (only existing in Europe version) or Navigon for Android (France edition and Europe edition) , iOS (France edition and Europe edition), Windows Phone (only existing in Europe version).